How to use UPI without internet using USSD?

Unified Payment Interface is a facility launched by the National Payments Corporation of India in which we can pay instantly use by using UPI codes. Using UPI we can easily send money to anyone without entering any more details. UPI needs an internet connection to work as usual. But now, NPCI announced the new way to use UPI without the internet, you can send money using USSD codes from the UPI interface, here know how?

Right now it is not working on JIO sims, as a lot of complaints are from JIO users. But JIO will make an update on this issue and you can use it on JIO as well.

Service Name*99#
Developed ByNPCI
Supported VersionUSSD 2.0
Number to dial*99#
Date30th December 2016

Requirements for UPI without internet

Right now this feature is new, it will not work with JIO sim in some cases. But as of now, it is working 100% fine in other network providers like Airtel, VI, BSNL, and MTNL. So let’s see the requirement criteria for UPI without internet.

  1. Balance(0.50rs) to send SMS, as it requires to send SMS.
  2. Atleast 2G network.
  3. Registered mobile number
  4. Active bank account
  5. Registered for UPI without internet service.

How to register for UPI without internet?

For using UPI without the internet you must first register your mobile number with the UPI USSD interface. You can know how to register for UPI from below.

  1. Dial *99#
  2. Select your bank
  3. Enter the last 6 digits of your debit card number
  4. Enter the expiry date
  5. Confirm the UPI PIN.

Bina internet ke UPI kaise use kare?

बिना इंटरनेट के यूपीआई का उपयोग करने के लिए आपको बस अपने पंजीकृत मोबाइल नंबर से *99# डायल करना होगा। फिर बस 7-12 सेकंड के लिए प्रतीक्षा करें, पैसे भेजने, पैसे प्राप्त करने, बैलेंस चेक करने और मेरी प्रोफाइल आदि के विकल्प आ जाएंगे।

  1. डायल करें *99#
  2. फिर अपना मनचाहा विकल्प चुनें
  3. फिर अपना यूपीआई पिन दर्ज करें

How to use UPI without the internet?

To use UPI without internet you just need to dial *99# from your registered mobile number. Then just wait for 7-12 seconds, the options to send money, receive money, check balance, and my profile, etc. will come.

  1. Dial *99#
  2. Then choose option you want
  3. Then enter your UPI PIN

Then just choose the option you want to use. Suppose you want to send money, you just need to select option 1 which is “Send money”

How to use UPI without the internet?

Now select the option you want, suppose we want to send money to someone then select 1 and enter okay or dial. Then you will get some options like below,

Suppose we want to send to a contact, or UPI ID, or bank account, you can select as per your requirement. Like if you want to send money to a mobile number you can just enter the option number and enter dial.

Then just enter the money to send, and press enter. You will be asked to enter the UPI pin which we set while registering. After entering the pin the payment will be successful.


Financial Non-Financial
Sending Money using Mobile NoAccount Balance
Sending Money using UPI IDSet UPI PIN
Sending Money using Account No. + IFSCChange UPI PIN
Requesting Money using UPI ID / Mobile No.Last 5 transactions

Why is UPI without internet not working with JIO?

As of now in JIO *99# service is not working because UPI without internet requires USSD 2.0 service to make transactions. In JIO the USSD 2.0 is not working to this date, but in the future, they will definitely bring this upgrade to their telecom service.

What is the cost for UPI without internet?

It will just require standard SMS cost. It will also require a 2G connection at least.

What is the *99# registration process?

Dial *99# > Select your bank > Enter the last 6 digits of your debit card number >Enter the expiry date to confirm the UPI PIN.

What is error 549 in *99#?

Error 549 means insufficient balance in mobile to send SMS.

Is *99# safe?

As this technology is developed by the National Payments Corporation of India it is safe to use as far as you don’t give your UPI pin and mobile to anyone.

*99# supported banks?

Those banks that support UPI, will suppose *99# UPI without internet service. The list is SBI, PNB, HDFC, ICICI, Axis, UCO, Yes Bank, UBI, BOM, Canara, Bank of Baroda, CBI, FBI, Karnataka, IDBI, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Paytm, Allahabad Bank, Vijaya, and Syndicate Bank.

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